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Sweet Ferments

"Amazake is sweet in taste and aroma. It has a natural sweetness from rice even without adding sugar....Amazake is made with rice koji, so it’s only natural for the drink to have rice grains in them. This thick, porridge-like consistency is one of the main attractive points of amazake texture." 


Use Amasake as a cool or hot drink, add it to a desert, hot cereals or in your baking... Click the smiling lips to hear how good it will make your brain feel and then do a happy dance!

Guaranteed to taste Sweet.



ways to use our Sweet Grain Amasake

1. Drink straight or thin with water or fruit juice to cool the body...

2. Add to a fruit or protein smoothie for extra energy...

3. Drink warm to nourish the body... 

4. Non Dairy Yogurt

5. Sweet Carrot Salad

6. Banana Whipped Cream

7. Sugar Free Banana Cake

8. Corn Muffins

9. Strawberry Pudding

10. Add to dressings

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