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Salty Ferments

"If you’ve ever eaten soy sauce, parmesan cheese or salami, you’ve tasted savory. Foods that have been slow-cooked for a long time (think soup or broth), aged for a long time (think aged meats and cheeses or champagne), or fermented (think soy sauce or miso paste) are powerhouses of savory taste. That’s because these processes all break down the proteins found in the original foods and free the amino acid glutamate to interact with our taste buds."


Marinate Meats, Fish, Beans & Veggies...

Our Mighty Meaty Marinade is a salty ferment that can be used on Meats, Fish, beans and vegetables to enhance their flavours. It does this by adding a funky "umani" taste that is  nourishing and satisfying. It can be used on break down meat proteins as well as vegetables starches so that they can begin ferment before cooking or it can be added directly into any cooked dish for added flavour.  Our ferment will cut down on your salt consumption for while it is salty it is 

Guaranteed to taste Salty... 

ways to use our Mighty Meaty Marinade


1. Marinade fresh red meats like steak for 48 hrs to achieve an "aged" meat flavour

2.  Marinade chicken for 30 mins  to "'get an umami-packed delicious chicken on the table with minimal effort."

3.  Marinade fish, like Salmon, overnight .....

4.  Marinade seafood, like prawns, to firm up the flesh...

5.  Marinade beans...(use the MMM in place of vinegar in this recipe) 

6.  Marinade veggies (cucumbers to make a quick dill pickles) 

7.  Creamy Mashed Potatoes with MMM (Shio-Koji)

8.  Vegetable Stir Fry 

9.  Roasted Winter Veggies

10.  Green Bean Dressing

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