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The past, present and future of Sweetness...

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Who Are We

What makes Amasake so sweet?

Who knew that the fermentation of Rice koji and another grain substrate, like oats or black rice, could make a concentrate so sweet that we are considering labelling these living microbes in a bottle as Sweet BRAIN Amasake. Why? Well your brain loves glucose, and is wired to crave it regardless of what you do. This means that acquiring the BEST glucose for your brain is essential to well being.  Our traditional fermentation process creates the right conditions in which KOJI can break down the long grain starches and made them super sweet through the process of sacarification satisfying your craving for something sweet while nourishing your gut and fuelling your brain! Clearly our sweet grain Amasake is a triple threat to a world of empty carbs found in most sugary treats...


In JAPAN, where Amasake is still made in the home, they call this grain based, naturally sweet, koji ferment a "drinkable IV". It is also used for hangovers, baby food and as a beauty drink/food for women. This is because it also contains protein from the whole grains, whole complex carbs, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.  In Europe, during the second world war sugar was worth its weight in gold. Glucose is a form of sugar that provides energy for the brain and body. It is naturally present in body fluids and is needed for normal body function. Glucose Intravenous Infusion is given to patients who have low levels of sugar in their blood or are dehydrated.


We suggest you drizzle this sweet Amasake concentrate into drinks like smoothies and shakes or over your cut up fruits to ripen them even further!  Or you could use it medicinally by taking a tablespoon a day. (add data about glucose consumption for men and women) A shot of 100 ml per day will fuel your brain for the challenges we face daily! You can also add this Amasake to your hot or cold cereals, warm it up slightly as a rice pudding on a cold winter's day or add it to your baking to achieve what french pastry chefs desire the most -- a sweet, moist morsel that delights your taste buds.

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