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KOJI WORKSHOP, November 15 and 17th 2022

Experience the transformative powers of KOJI and learn how to set up a KOJI Pod in your  home!

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Instructor: Susan Koch
Founder of Big Life KOJI 

As a Mother, An Artist, A Cook, A UX Designer & Researcher and an Information Architect, Susan has been practicing the Macrobiotic Diet, of which KOJI is its flavour backbone, for over 40 years...

In this 2 day workshop Susan draws from her experiences as a Macrobiotic Cook and Practitioner along with her life long studies on health and wellness. Her obsession with health was passed down thru that 1% of her human genome, arguably, from her great grandfather 7X removed, Robert Herbert Koch. The Father of "germ theory", his work with deadly bacteria won him a Noble PEACE Prize in 1905.


It turns out that in addition to cooking, caring and curating information Susan also loves to cultivate Koji, one of the beneficial keystone species, that inhabits the 99% of our being that is microbial in nature! 

The knowledge that Susan has gleaned over the last decades on cooking and health will be combined with Susan's exploration of Living Systems over the past 5 years. This culminated in making and taking some Koji Basics to the Lethbridge Farmer's Market to sell. All of this information will contribute to this transformational introduction to the world of KOJI.  


Susan's insights and teachings will help you understand KOJI Culture on many levels while showing you how to set up your own Koji Pod in a timely and cost effective way so you can begin to deepen your relationship with the Kingdom of KOJI. 

This 6 hr, 2 day workshop held in Susan's koji kitchen can accommodate only 5 students. It will cover:

November 15 and 17th, 2022

Course Fee: $275.00

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