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For all the world's children filled with Hunger and can't understand why

For all beings dedicated to doing something about it

- From the Book of Miso by
William Shurtleff & Akiko Aoyagi

our vision

"The Mission, for Koji and I n I arises from the BOOK of MISO. When the first wave of COVID hit North America we, my microbes and I, had a visceral experience that arose from my gut microbiome followed by a strong desire to make miso for our self, our family, our friends, community, country and the world! 


This primary mothering instinct had driven us outside to walk by the Nightly Milk River, the headwaters of the Blackfoot Confederacy, early in the spring of 2020.

At the time we did not know much about miso other than that we loved it's taste and used it to make miso soup!  As we walked along, along beside the flowing water we heard, again, in the sound of the water, the story from the wise of how, if your house is on fire and you are trapped in a room you can use Miso between the cracks in the walls to to stop the fire from entering in. That is the power of miso. It is the food of Royalty, of Ninjas, of Zen Monks and everyday people. Koji is mystical and it's magical. All aboard! 


As we walked on we suddenly we had a craving for sea salt in the form of Miso, a craving so deep that we felt it in every single cell. We recalled, this time, the Egyptian creation story of how life came to the waters through NUN....


We too, want to nourish the children of the world! In order to do so we will form alliances with individuals and groups who also share the same values in the time of COVID. " 


 - Founder and Chief Imagination Officer, Susan Koch

Big Life network alliances....

Gallery of KOJI

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