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Refund Policy

Satisfaction Guaranteed. 


Over the spring and summer of 2022 we stress tested our Sweet & Salty product offering at the UFA Farmer's Market in Lethbridge by taking our product to the market every Saturday Morning and offering it for sale between 8 am and 1 pm. During many summer Saturdays we experienced hot temperatures in the 30C range and found that our Koji Ferments stood up very well under these hot "heat" conditions in transport and while on display. From the time we bottle our product we keep it refrigerated.  


Since we deliver a product that contains live microbes, a sustained temperatures of 46 degrees C (115 F) can kill the microbes in a few minutes. Therefore, be aware of extreme heat and keep our koji ferments cool in a ride to slow down the activity of the microbes. Freezing it stops the activity cold. In fact you can freeze and thaw our Sweet Grain Amasake 3X with no adverse effects. 

Our Mighty Meaty Marinade should be good for up to one year as it is comprised of Koji Rice and Pink Salt. Amasake is more perishable, with a best before date of 2 weeks. The activity of the koji malt will not stop unless frozen and so in about 14 days out of the freezer in the fridge will lead to a souring of the Amasake. This does not indicate that it has gone bad, simply that you have a "sour" Amasake that is good for baking, braising or in dressings. "As one expert Chef's said "Over the course of many years, we have used it to do everything from culturing cream, to making butter, to acting as the hydration element in breads and pastries." 


Your next steps include how to return a parcel:

  1. Inform your customers what information they will need to retrieve a return label. Based on your policy selections, this could include:

    • The link to print return labels online ( check with Canada Post re this link) 

    • A return authorization number.

    • Additional information such as serial number or part number.

    • A Canada Post return ID number. (NOTE: This number is required to retrieve a label at a Post Office. Customers will not be able to retrieve a return label at a Post Office without it. Plz reach out to us via email to get this number) 

  2. Inform your customers where they can find the required information to retrieve a return label—for example, on the packing slip you provided, on your website, or in an email you sent.  Click this link to access  the return label from the Canada Post website. 

  3. When visiting the Post Office to retrieve labels, please bring the following instructions to help the Post Office Counter Clerk initiate the return:

  4. Attention Canada Post Office Clerk
    This customer has a domestic parcel for return that uses a Canada Post return ID number to generate a parcel return label from the RPS system. Please complete the following steps in RPS:

    1. Place the item on the scale.

    2. Select Return Services.

    3. From the Item Details screen, enter the Canada Post Return ID Number (listed below).

    4. Complete the required fields, including dimensions, and select Complete.

  5. For best results retrieving labels at Post Offices, please provide the return authorization number, additional information and the Canada Post return ID number in bar code format.

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