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Shipping Policy


1. PLACING AN ORDER: Our Sweet & Salty Ferments are made weekly in small batches in a private kitchen in order to control issues with food safety and to deliver the best quality fermentations using traditional methods. As in all fermentations Time is a factor. For this reason we have established an ordering process in which you can place an order by Saturday and have it shipped on Monday. So your weekly order is placed in advance anytime from Sunday to Saturday in advance, so that we can deliver within a 2-3 days from placing your order. We offer subscriptions for those who recognize that this way of acquiring top quality sweet & salty condiments to boost and enhance flavour while maintaining your gut and brain health is a priority.  

2. ORDER fulfillment: 

Once the orders have been placed and the ferments made, it is time to bottle and package them and get them to our local Canada Post Office for delivery to your door! We have chosen to use wine bottles as our containers as they are sustainable and offer a 750 ml size that provides a better experience when locating our ferment in your fridge and then pouring it on cereals, meats, fish or vegetables to boost flavour.  We also package our product sustainably in pulp paper trays and strong cardboard. boxes to avoid breakage. 

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